How to de-stress


When they tell you university isn’t easy, they really aren’t lying! I found first year quite easy breezy but second year? That’s a whole other story. I’m only a month and a half into the new school year and let’s just say many bags of malteasers and magic stars later – I am completely and utterly a hot mess right now.


So, how does one deal with stress? Usually when I get even the smallest niggle of ‘you should take a break’ or ‘you should slow down’ I kind of just push it to the back of my mind until I’ve finished with my latest seminar or assignment piece. But of course, I have to calm myself down and give myself breaks every so often. So here’s my little tips on how to take a little extra care of yourself during those stressful times:

Talk to a friend or a family member


While I’m away from my family at university, I always make time in my week to phone my mum and dad. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 10 minute or an hour phone call – It’s just nice to hear a voice that reminds you of home. Your friends? Well they’re probably stressed too. My best friend does the same course as I do, so we always find ourselves stressed out together (this is both a good and a bad thing) and we always like to give ourselves a break together to just relax! Just a few weeks ago we went to Birmingham and saw Justin Bieber live. It was fabuloussss! And the beds are the hotel were incredible, I did not want to leave my stress-free paradise L Friends really are the magic little gems during these stressful times. You can always arrange to go down the pub for a few cheeky pinks, have a Netflix evening in, or even go for a lovely walk and take some beautiful insta pics.

Pamper yourself


Every Sunday, I like to call it my ‘stress-free day’ where I make myself a nice relaxing bath, light a few candles and pop a nice bubbly bath bomb in whilst I watch Netflix on my laptop that’s balancing in my sink (and also praying it doesn’t get any water on it). If you’re a student like me and have suffered the loss of not having a bath in your accommodation, go out and buy some facemasks or even try making your own! Once applied, lay back in bed, feeling all relaxed and pampered and listen to a podcast or watch even a documentary – Planet Earth II is currently on BBC, everyone should go and watch this amazing, incredible, beautiful show.

Treat Yo’Self


Hell to the yes! Now, I’m not saying you should be spending all of that student loan that’s oh so tempting. But having a nice splurge every now and then won’t go to waste now, would it? My flat mates know when I’m stressed due to the amount of Topshop or Urban Outfitters parcels that tend to arrive around the same time… Oopsie. But giving yourself something that would cheer you up during those down days, well that’s just a lovely gift to yourself. Like, ‘Hey me, you’ve done good! Go you! Here’s a little something x



If, like myself, you absolutely hate exercise, then I understand why you might think, ‘ughhh I don’t want to go the gym, I just wanna nap’ after a hard day of work. But exercise is one of the ultimate ways to de-stress. I find going in the morning makes me feel a lot more productive for the day ahead. I find Yoga the most relaxing but something about running outside is just super calming. Plus, by working out for an hour or so you’re also looking after your body so hey go you!!!

Self care is super important, especially in times where you feel overwhelmed and stressed. There are so many other ways you can look after yourself during these times, but these are my personal favourites.


If you have any tips/advice on how to deal with advice then please share in the comments because I’d love to read and try.


Brooke xo


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