Things you should be watching: YouTubers

Ever since it launched in 2005, YouTube has only grown in terms of content and creators. With Youtubers such as Zoella and Tyler Oakley becoming household names, they have given a whole new meaning to the term ‘celebrity’.

I, like many, tend to watch YouTube daily. When it hits 3AM and I’ve finished binging another season on Netflix, it’s comforting to know there’s a bunch of YouTube videos waiting to be watched. From the vloggers to the gamers to the beauty gurus to the comedy sketches, there’s something out there for everyone.

Here’s some that I love to watch:


Zoe Sugg – As much as I didn’t want to be cliché and put her in this, I couldn’t help myself. With Zoe’s videos, I tend to find myself clicking on her vlogs faster than I do her main channel videos. I don’t know what it is about them but I never get as excited. Maybe it’s just cause I’m nosy and like to see what she gets up to. Her videos make me laugh out loud and always leave me with a smile on my face.


CrashCourse – Literally a lifesaver!!! This channel is extremely useful if you’re a student. I’m currently studying History at university and oh my lord I cannot even begin to say how much I’ve used this channel. Listening back to lectures and reading books can be boring at times and I find that watching CrashCourse makes revision that little bit more fun (cause c’mon revision is so boring). I find it’s like watching a TV show that’s just super duper helpful.


Will Darbyshire – Will’s channel is possibly my favourite. This channel is definitely a lot more different to the other channels I’m subscribed too. I find Will’s videos a lot more personal and intimate. The way he films his videos is very artistic and I find them more like short movies than I do 3 minute vlogs. He’s basically an arty Instagram feed in a video.


How to Cake It – I don’t know whether I want to eat the cakes or just stare at them in amazement. I’m the worst cook in the world, and when it comes to baking I wouldn’t say I’m a pro. When I found this channel I was just like HOW?! The patience, skill and thought that goes into these cakes is just incredible.


The Slow Mo Guys – These guys are just so damn awesome. So you know how you and your partner cuddle up and watch cute stuff together? Well me and boyfriend like to watch this. These videos aren’t as regular as other channels but they are so so worth it.


SacconeJolys – My favourite vlogging family. With the SacconeJolys I don’t like to watch them everyday because I like to save the videos. It’s really weird but whenever I feel anxious, I just have to put a SacconeJoly video on and I just feel better. So it’s always nice that when I do feel like that I have a whole bunch of videos to distract myself with for over an hour.


Sarah Close – Her voice!!! I’ve been following Sarah’s channel for a while now and she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves. Her cover’s are absolutely stunning and I’m so in awe at how good her voice is.

I hope you all go and check out these channels because they are so so wonderful.

Who is your favourite Youtuber? What kind of videos do you like watching?

Hope you have a great day!
Brooke xo


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  1. Great little blogpost. I always have time for ones about YouTube! I found your blog through BlogLovin’! I started up my youtube channel late April and am soon on my way to 1K!! So exciting and I wouldn’t of done it without the support of my followers. Youtube really is an amazing place! xx


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