Buying a Camera?

Hey Guys!

For years now I’ve been putting off spending money on a camera but I think the time has finally come for me to spend some £££.

I’ve always loved travelling and going to concerts but I always felt that I would be wasting money if I bought a camera mainly because the quality of the pictures my phone was taking always looked pretty great.

Last month, I took a trip to Rome and whilst I was waiting in the airport I was playing around with a bunch of the cameras that they had on display and well remember that great quality phone camera I was taking about? Well it didn’t compare.

I probably would’ve bought one there and then if it wasn’t for my boyfriend being the wise smarty-pants that he is and told me to think about it for at least a month or so before rushing into it.

I know very little about cameras and would love to know what you would recommend me buying? Ideally I’d like to spend between £200-350 but I can always stretch the camera budget to £400.

I love taking photos of everyday stuff like the beach near my house, fun nights with my friends alongside documenting concerts, travel and family memories.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

With love,

Brooke xo




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  1. I am no camera expert so I’m so sorry I haven’t suggested anything. Definitely go to a shop that sells good quality cameras and tell theme what you want and they should guide you to your perfect camera xx


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